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About Christophe Sauvat

Christophe Sauvat is the interpretation of nature and ethnic aesthetics, as wild and diverse as the universe. By envisioning a distinctive relaxed elegance, Christophe Sauvat founded boho chic style by reimagining rich cultural heritages from which every collection is conceived, with unique imagination and wanderlust. Artisanally crafted with contemporary design, while every piece is reminiscent of an exquisite unique story, it is furthermore the imprint of an enthusiastic lust for the journey ahead.

As a french experienced globetrotter, Christophe himself, as much as his own creations, is bohemian and chic with a charismatic nonchalant attitude, embodying a transversal sophistication and elegance that is widely recognized as cultured and mindful. This unique boho chic spirit enthusiastically involves a passion for vintage revival, quality and eclecticism, and Christophe Sauvat does so by creating and owning travelwear – the casual style with vibrant flair.

With an hedonistic free spirit, Christophe Sauvat envisions an ​eclectic wanderlust journey as a visual story-dealer.

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